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LaTeX is one of the most popular document preparation system. It is widely used in academia for writing document especially Thesis and Dissertation. Unlike other commonly used word processor like Ms Word and Libre Office, LaTeX uses simple plain text which needs to be processed later to created formatted document. Tips and tricks used for writing document in LaTeX will be shared here.

LaTeX equation to Ms Word

LaTeX provides lots of features for typing complex mathematical equations with ease compared to other softwares like Ms Word. Microsoft has recognized this and started supporting LaTeX in Office-365. However, if you have an older version of Ms Word you can still bring LaTeX equation into it. This blog covers 3 different ways to bring LaTeX equation in Ms Word. 1: Direct LaTeX support in Office 365 Office 365 version… Read More »LaTeX equation to Word (2007 to 365): 3 Methods [2022]

LaTeX equation to Word (2007 to 365): 3 Methods [2022]

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Greek Alphabets / Greek Letters: Greek alphabet only has 24 letters compared to the Latin based script that uses 26. However, like Latin, Greek alphabet has both uppercase and lowercase versions for all of them. There is hardly any Greek alphabets which are not used in mathematics, science and engineering. Greek alphabet or Greek letters are used to demote various constants, values and phenomenon/particle (alpha decay, beta decay, etc.). List… Read More »List of Greek alphabet: Name of each Greek alphabets and its symbol

List of Greek alphabet: Name of each Greek alphabets and its symbol