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Add word to word dictionary

Spell check is a handy tool in Microsoft Word that helps us catch pesky typos and spelling errors. But what happens when it flags a word that is actually correct? Don’t worry, you can easily add that word to the spell check dictionary, so it won’t be marked as an error again. Add words to word dictionary Summary Remember, adding words to the dictionary is a great way to personalize… Read More »How to Add Words to the Dictionary in MS Word

How to Add Words to the Dictionary in MS Word

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How to insert augmented matrix in word

Augmented matrix appears at many places in linear algebra. It is useful to visualize how matrix changes upon similar row operations. It is created by appending column of one matrix to another with a vertical line as a matrix separator. Following matrix is an example of an augmented matrix. Augmented matrix in Microsoft Word The important step is to get the augmented matrix brackets and separator (|) that can expand… Read More »How to type Augmented Matrix in Word?

How to type Augmented Matrix in Word?

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