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python array index

Array in Python

An array in python is a data structure that contain a group of elements. These are use in computer program to organize data so that related set of value can easily stored or searched. It is a collection of elements having the same data type and always start from index value and index start from 0 to 1. It doesn’t have a fixed size which means it can be expand… Read More »Array in Python

Array in Python

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The index() method is used to find the position of a particular element in the Python List. Since it is a method of list class, it’s called using a .(dot) operator on list. It checks every element from the starting of the list until it finds a match. The index in python is start from 0. Syntax Method returns zero-based index element in the list whose value is equal to x. … Read More »How to Get Index of an Element in Python List

How to Get Index of an Element in Python List