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Complete list of Alt code for Greek Alphabets

Greek Alphabets are not readily available on our keyboards. If you want to write them on internet (basically HTML) or software’s like Ms Word, Notepad etc., you need to learn methods specific to them. One method that works everywhere including Ms Word is Alt Code method.

To insert Greek symbol using this method, you simply type 3-digit numeric code for a Greek letter holding Alt key. Note that this method only works when you type numeric code on dedicated numeric keys.

Alt code for Greek symbols

Greek CharacterDisplayAlt Code
Alpha (lowercase)αAlt+224
Beta (lowercase)ßAlt+225
Gamma (uppercase)ΓAlt+226
Delta (lowercase)δAlt+235
Epsilon (lowercase)εAlt+238
Theta (uppercase)ΘAlt+233
Mu (lowercase)µAlt+230
Pi (lowercase)πAlt+227
Sigma (uppercase)ΣAlt+228
Sigma (lowercase)σAlt+229
Tau (lowercase)τAlt+231
Phi (uppercase)ΦAlt+232
Phi (lowercase)φAlt+237
Omega (uppercase)ΩAlt+234
List of Alt code for Greek Alphabets

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