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Four different ways to type Beta in Word

Four different ways to type Beta in word

Greek letter Beta in Word

Typing Greek letters or symbols in Microsoft Word is easy, if you know the correct method. Greek letter β is used in Finance (portfolio risk), science (beta decay, proton to electron mass ratio, β-carotene, etc), maths & statistics (type II error, roots of polynomial etc) among other areas. This blog shows 4 different ways to Greek Letter beta (β) in Ms Word.

First Method – Graphical User Interface:

This is the most commonly used method. To insert beta in Word using this method follow these steps:

  • Click Insert Tab and navigate to Symbols
  • Select Normal in Font and Greek and Coptic in subset drop-down menu. This will display all the Greek alphabets/symbols.
  • From the displayed Greek letters, select (β).
Insert beta symbol in Word using Insert symbols
Insert beta symbol in Word using Insert symbols

Second Method – Math Auto Correct:

This is my favorite and one of the fastest way to type Greek letter β in Word. To get beta (β) in Word, simply type \beta and press space. It is Math Autocorrect shortcut for β. It works by default in only inside Equation editor, however after following one time setting, we can make it work outside equation editor too.

  • Click Files → Options to open Word Options
  • Navigate to Proofing and click AutoCorrect Options button to open Auto Correct window
  • Navigate to Math Autocorrect tab
  • Check the box against Use Math Autocorrect options outside Math region
  • Click Ok and close all the dialogue boxed.

For the complete list of Ms Word shortcut for Greek Alphabets visit here

Third Method – The Alt method :

In this method, you press Alt key and type 225 without releasing it. It is one of the fastest but you need to remember alt code (225) for beta symbol. For the complete list of Alt code for all Greek Letters visit here.

Fourth Shortcut – Alt X method:

To insert Greek Letter beta (β) , type “03b2” or “03B2” and press Alt+X immediately following it. Note the Alt+X code is “zero three b two” and is case insensitive.


Typing Greek letter in Ms Word is easy, if you know its shortcut. Math AutoCorrect way (LaTeX way) of typing beta in Word is the most efficient way where you just type \beta and press space to get β.

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