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How to Type Fraction in Word: Tips and Tricks to Write Fractions

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You might have noticed some times Microsoft Word automatically converts text into required fraction you need. But for most of the case, Word doesn’t do this magical conversion.

It happens because, Ms Word has autocorrect feature enabled by default that convert commonly used fractions like 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 to fraction characters like \frac{1}{2}, \frac{1}{4} and \frac{3}{4}. However using this feature you can convert only a handful of fraction automatically. It doesn’t work on many other fractions (like 1/5, 2/7 and 3/8). Following method will not only help in writing fraction in Word but also help in writing mathematical equations too.

Then how to convert any fraction into wonderful looking fraction characters?

Shortcut for typing fraction in Word

The trick here is to use Equation Editor for typing fraction in Word. It may sound like quite a task, but believe me if you know correct shortcut then it becomes a piece of cake.

Although you can get equation editor by going to Insert Tab and clicking on Equation, it is an unproductive way of getting it if you need it often.

A study suggests that over 87% of Ms Word users hate switching between keyboard and mouse. And over 75% users prefer to learn keyboard shortcut for doing common task.

Shortcut of Equation Editor

You can get Equation Editor using <Alt> + <=> key simultaneously. If you type it after text in paragraph, it inserts equation editor in next to the text (Inline mode). However when, you press equation editor shortcut on a new line, it places it in the center of the line (new line mode). Ms Word is intelligent enough to understand inline mode and a new line mode of equation editor.

Equation Editor Shorcut for Fraction

After getting equation editor, typing fraction is very easy. Math Autocorrect feature of Ms Word brings latex type functionality in Ms Word. In fact, typing fraction in Ms Word is easier than typing fraction in LaTeX.

Equation Editor of Microsoft Word converts all fractions into fraction characters as soon as you hit space. In-fact hitting space bar inside equation editor triggers Math Autocorrect correction. Following table shows how to type simple and complicated fraction in Word.

FractionEquation Editor ShortcutDescription
\frac{3}{7}3/7[sp][sp] stands for spacebar. Hitting space bar triggers equation editor to apply Math Autocorrect Shortcut.
\left( \frac{3}{7}\right)(3/7)[sp]Placing braces around fraction
\frac{2}{1+\frac{1}{x}}1/(1+1/x)[sp]Nested Fraction
Equation editor shortcut for tables


Math Autocorrect feature of Ms Word makes typing fraction in Word is simple and easy. In-fact, after knowing these shortcut, anyone will prefer Ms Word over LaTeX for typing simple or any complicated fraction.

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