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LaTeX equation to Word (2007 to 365): 3 Methods [2022]

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LaTeX equation to Ms Word

LaTeX provides lots of features for typing complex mathematical equations with ease compared to other softwares like Ms Word. Microsoft has recognized this and started supporting LaTeX in Office-365. However, if you have an older version of Ms Word you can still bring LaTeX equation into it. This blog covers 3 different ways to bring LaTeX equation in Ms Word.

1: Direct LaTeX support in Office 365

Office 365 version 1707 or later allows you to convert LaTeX equation into Ms Words native format (see the following steps). For the older version of Ms Word/Office you can still use Method 2 or Method 3.

Steps to convert LaTeX equation to native format

  1. Insert Equation Editor by going to Insert Tab > Equation or by hitting “Alt+=” (a keyboard shortcut for Equation Editor)
  2. Put the Equation Editor in LaTeX mode by clicking “{} LaTeX” in Equation/Design tab.
Activate LaTeX mode in Ms Word
Activate LaTeX mode in Ms Word
  1. Type LaTeX in Equation Editor
LaTeX equation in Word
LaTeX equation in Word
  1. Click “Convert” drop-down menu in Equation/Design tab and select “Current-Professional”
Converting LaTeX equation to Ms Word
Converting LaTeX equation to Ms Word
  1. The above method will process the LaTeX into Ms Word equation’s native format as follows
Final converted equation
Final converted equation

2: LaTeX to MathML to Ms Word [2007-365 (2011 to 365 Mac Office)]

If your Ms Word version doesn’t support above method, then you can use this (or next) method.

In this method, you copy MathML code of LaTeX equation and paste it into Ms Word (as keep text only) to get an equation in Ms Word.

  1. Get MathML code of LaTeX equation using following steps

Let’s say you have LaTeX equation for which you need MathML code.

  • Copy the following text and paste it in notepad/notepad++ or any other text editor (not document processing software like Ms Word).
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<title>tex texample</title>
<!-- This is comment -->
<!-- Put your LaTeX between

    \[as --> 	<!-- e.g.\]




    \[</body> </html></code></pre> <!-- /wp:prismatic/blocks --> <!-- wp:list --> <ul><li>Insert LaTeX equation (say 0 \leq \lim_{n\to \infty}\frac{n!}{(2n)!}) between\]

sign and save the file with .html extension. If you have more than one equation, put each equation in separate enclosing signs.
  • Open above html file in a browser like Chrome (If everything is set-up correctly and you have an internet connection, then you should see equation)
  • Right click equation and choose "Show Math As" → "MathML code"
  • How to get MathML code of LaTeX equation
    How to get MathML code of LaTeX equation
    1. Step 2 Copy the MathML code and paste it in Ms Word and simultaneously hit "Ctrl" and "T". Alternatively, you can go to the small Ctrl image at the end of the MathML Code you pasted and select the option "Keep text Only"

    3: Math Autocorrect option of Ms Word (Word 2007 and above)

    Ms Word provides simple and easy to learn Math Autocorrect option to type Math. This option is very much LaTeX. You simple type Math Autocorrect shortcut in equation editor and hit space to get desired math symbol.

    The list of important Math Autocorrect shortcuts are covered in my blog. Using Math Autocorrect you can type Math symbols and equation including Greek symbols, subscript and superscript, fraction, Math and science Symbols, Integration, Matrix, etc.

    Math Autocorrect Feature of Ms Word in Action
    Math Autocorrect Feature of Ms Word in Action

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