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Advantages of Learning Python

Python is important for software development or machine learning. Compared to other programming languages, Python is great for a number of reasons.The elegant design and syntax rules of this programming language makes it quite readable even among multi programmer development teams.

Lets Find out what are the things that makes Python stand out among programming languages.

1. Easiest Programming Language in the World

Python is famous for its simplicity, readability and easy to learn syntax. The syntax of Python is very simple, concise and much like English language. It makes coding an interactive and encourage developers to start their career with Python language.

2. Python is Hugely Popular Language

Python is one of the trending programming language, as per the Google its popularity graph makes developers choose Python over other programming languages.

3. It is Procedural and Object Oriented Programming Language

Python follows both the Procedural-Oriented and Object-Oriented concepts, and because of this it provides an environment that no other language concentrating on single concept is able to offer. Developers can create reusable patterns of code thus curtailing redundancy in development projects.

4. Extensive sets of Libraries and Frameworks

There are various libraries, avails a large number of frameworks that gives developers an escape from writing code from scratch, eventually lower the down the time and cost of development.

5. Free and Open Source

Python is free to download. It is open-source and cross-platform programming language. Python has been running cross-platform, which means that the code that you write in Python can run on any platform, like Windows, Linux or Mac. This is one of the advantages of writing code in Python.

6. Interpreted Language

Its’s source code is converted into an immediate form called bytecode. The source code is executed line by line, because of this , it is easier to debug code.

7. It is Extensible & Embeddable

Some of Python code can be written in other language like C++, which makes Python an extensible language (extended to other languages). It is also possible to put Python code in source code in a different language like C++. This allows us to integrate scripting capabilities into program of the other language.

8. Portable

You can write your code and share it with anyone you want to and it would work the same way as it does for you. This makes projects and systems much more easier.

9. Uses by Top Companies

Python is used by top companies like:
Google, Dropbox, Netflix, NASA, Instagram, Quora, Facebook, Spotify, Reddit. But these are not the only ones. As of 2020 Python adoption has reached a new peak and continues to climb.

10. Career Opportunities in Python

Python provides huge career opportunities:

Web Development, Game Development, Big Data Analysis, Web Testing, Data Science, Machine Learning. This is the reason behind most of the beginners choose Python over other languages.

Python is a versatile language that’s clearly in its own world. The advantages of Python that we point out analyzing the options showcase what is the reason for Python’s popularity. Try experience it yourself!

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