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Insert Method in Python

The insert() method inserts an element to the list at a given index. The index() method searches for an element in the list and returns its index.

Syntax of Insert() Method 

list.insert(index, element)

Insert() Parameters

This method takes two parameter

  • index where an element needs to be inserted
  • element is the element to be inserted in the list.

This method doesn’t return any value. It just insert an element at the given index.

Inserting Element to List

# Creating a list
list_example = ['Pickupbrain', 'Well', 'Python']

# Inserting element to list at 2nd position
list_example.insert(1, 'Learn')

print('Updated List: ', list_example)

The output will be:

Updated List:  ['Pickupbrain', 'Learn', 'Well', 'Python']

Inserting a Tuple to the List

#Creating a list
tuple_data = [{1, 2}, [5, 6, 7]]

# Creating a list with integer
integer_data = (3, 4)

# Inserting tuple to the list
tuple_data.insert(1, integer_data)

print('Updated List: ', tuple_data)

The output will be

Updated List:  [{1, 2}, (3, 4), [5, 6, 7]]

As you can see, given index is 1, but it inserts an element in 2nd position because the index in Python starts from 0, not 1. I

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