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Ms Word shortcuts you should know while working with fields (Mac & Windows)

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ms word field code shortcut

Fields provide many ways to automate tasks in Ms Word. Our previous blog we have shown how to add fields and automate some tasks. This blog covers all the word field keyboard shortcut that will be useful while working with them. This include keyboard shortcut to insert new field, show/hide or toggle field, update field and many more. The exhaustive list of Ms Word keyboard shortcut you can visit official Ms Word site.

Word keyboard shortcut while working with field

To do thisMacWindows
Insert an empty field⌘+F9Ctrl+F9
Update the linked information in a source document⌘+Shift+F7Ctrl+Shift+F7
Update selected fieldsF9F9
Unlink a field⌘+Shift+F9Ctrl+Shift+F9
Toggle selected field code (switch between selected field code and its result)Shift+F9Shift+F9
Toggle all field code (switch between all field code and its results)Option+F9Alt+F9
Go to next fieldF11F11
Go to previous fieldShift+f11Shift+F11
Lock a field⌘+F11Ctrl+F11
Unlock a field⌘+Shift+F11Ctrl+Shift+F11
Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from a field displaying field resultsOption+Shift+F9Alt+Shift+F9
Insert DATE fieldControl+Shift+DAlt+Shift+D
Insert TIME fieldControl+Shift+TAlt+Shift+T
Insert PAGE fieldControl+Shift+PAlt+Shift+P
Insert a LISTNUM field⌘+Option+Shift+LCtrl+Alt+L
Insert a MERGE fieldAlt+Shift+F

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