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How to Insert Header Only on First Page of Ms Word document

Header only on first page

Many of the Microsoft Word document formats requires header only on the first page. There are different methods to achieve it. Some method includes insertion of section break in the first page as an additional step while other simply involves ticking a check box. Here we will cover the latter one which is simple and faster.

Steps to Insert Header Only on First Page

The following method works in Word for Microsoft 365, Word for Microsoft 365 for Mac, Word for the web Word 2019, Word 2019 for Mac, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2016 for Mac.

1) Navigate to the first page of the document.

2) Click on Insert Tab, click Header and from the drop-down menu select the desired header format from the list or select edit header.

Hoe to edit header
Edit Header

3) From Header & Footer Design Tab, check the box against “Different First Page”

Different first page header
Different first page header

4) Insert the desired content in the header. Step 3 will ensure that all it appears only in first page.

How to insert header only on first page
Header only on first page

5) Press “Escor select “Close Header and Footer” key to get out of the header and return into the body of the document.

YouTube video on How to insert Header on first page only


To insert header only on the first page, select “Different Page Header” from Header & Footer Design Tab before inserting content of header. This ensures that header content only appears on the first page of the document/section.

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