How to draw circle in Word or PowerPoint?

Circle is one of the basic shapes that you may need. However, drawing a circle in Word and PowerPoint is not straightforward. But with the simple trick, you can quickly draw a perfect circle of any size in Word or PowerPoint.

Steps to draw a Circle in Word and Power Point

  • In the Insert Tab, click on Shapes
  • From the drop-down list, click on Oval under Basic Shapes
  • Left click at the location where you want to start Circle
  • Drag the mouse holding shift key to draw the perfect circle of desire size
  • Release shift key and mouse when done
Draw Circle in Word
Draw Circle in Word

Resizing Circle Afterwords

You can also resize the circle after drawing it.

  • Click anywhere on the circle to resize
  • Drag the corner handle around the circle while holding shift key to resize it to desired size
  • Once done release mouse button


To draw circle in Ms Word and PowerPoint, navigate to Insert > Shape and click Oval from Basic Shapes. Left click anywhere to start circle and drag with left mouse button holding shift key to get perfect circle.

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