How to show developer tab in Ms Word for Mac

Developer tab give Word user additional advance options like write/record and run Macro, Active-X control, XML command etc. Developer tab isn’t available in Word by default, however you can enable it with one time setting. In our earlier blog, we covered how to enable/show developer tab in Ms Word for Windows. This blog covers how to do the same in Ms Word for Mac.

The following steps show how to add developer tab in Microsoft Word for Mac

1. Go to Microsoft Word > Preference to open Word Preference window. Alternatively, you can also use keyboard shortcut “Command + ,”

Step 1: Open Preference

2. In the Word Preference window click “Ribbon & Toolbar” (under Authoring and Proofing Tools)

Step 2: Click on Ribbon & Toolbar

3. Click Ribbon Tab, and select “Main Tab” under Customize the Ribbon. Then check the box against “Developer” and click “Save” to apply changes and show Developer Tab.


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