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Simple trick to remove unwanted line break in Ms Word while copy/paste in 1 click

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Remove all unwanted paragraph break in Word

Sometimes while pasting text in Ms Word from other source like pdf, you may find unwanted paragraph break or newline character at the end of each line. Removing each of these paragraph break manually can be quite annoying. If you have ever faced such a problem, then don’t worry. The trick given below can remove all the line break in just 1 click. To achieve a task, we will need help of a Macro. Step by step guide for each of the steps involved is shown here.

Steps to create shortcut to delete all paragraph break in one click

  1. Enable Developer tab by
    • Right clicking in the empty area of the ribbon and select “Customize the Ribbon
    • In “Customize Ribbon” tab and check the box against “Developer” in Customize the Ribbon area and click ok
      add developer tab in Ms Word
    • Above step should add developer tab to your Ms Word
  2. Go to Developer tab and click “Visual Basic“.
    Visual basic in developer tab
  3. Above step will open Visual basic window where you can write macro to automate tasks.
  4. Copy the macro given in link and paste as shown below. Click save.
    add macro
  5. Close above window.
  6. To assign macro to the button in quick access bar
    • Right clicking in the empty area of the ribbon and select “Customize the Ribbon
    • Go to “Quick Access Toolbar” tab, select the Macro ending with DeleteNewLine and click Add
      add macro to quick access tool bar
    • To assign the desired Icon to Macro, click Modify, and select the desired icon from the available list and click ok.
      assign icon to macro
    • Click ok to close Word option window.
  7. Now you should see additional button (assigned to macro) in quick access tool bar as shown below
    macro button in quick access tool bar

Steps to remove unwanted new line characters in 1 click

After getting the macro button in quick access tool bar, follow these steps to remove all unwanted new line character in 1 click.

  • Select the text from which you want to remove all unwanted new line characters
  • Click on the macro button
  • All new line character / paragraph break is removed

Video Demonstration with all steps

All the above steps (i.e. creating and assigning macro to button and steps to remove all newline characters) are also shown in my following YouTube video.

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