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Ms Word shortcut to paste without formatting

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Shortcut to paste text without formatting in Ms Word

Most of us probably copy and paste text in Ms Word multiple times a day. It saves time but the annoying part of copy and paste in Ms Word is that it brings format like hyperlinks, bold & italics and different font size & style with it. If you need to get rid of them and paste without formatting, then you can use the following trick. The method shown here is also the most voted and useful as per SuperUser.

Shortcut to keep text only

After pasting the text in Ms Word, press “Ctrl” (and release) and then press “T” to paste text only i.e. without formatting. See the following Video.

Ms Word shortcut to paste text without formatting

Step 1: Paste text

Paste the text in Ms Word as usual

paste without formatting

Step 2: Press “Ctrl” (and release)

Hit “Ctrl” (and release) to show pasting options. This will open pasting option at the bottom of the pasted text.

pasting option

Step 3: Press T

To keep text only without formatting, press T (to select Text only).

Paste without formatting

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