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Shortcut to convert number to text in Ms Word (Windows and Mac)

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Trick to convert number to word in Ms Word

Ms Word has many advance and useful feature. One such feature that is very useful in day-to-day work is converting number to text automatically. I am sure that many of you might not have seen this before.

Trick to convert number to text automatically in Ms Word

Follow these steps to convert a number to text.

  1. Insert a new field by pressing “Ctrl+F9” (Windows) or “Command+F9” (Mac).
  2. After, Step 1, you will see { }. Note: These curly brackets are special field and differs from that we can type using keyboard.
  3. Type =<your number>\*cardtext inside curly braces. Replace your number with any number that you want to convert to word
    • For example, {=1234\*cardtext}
  4. Press “F9” to update field and convert the number to text. Alternatively, you can right click and select “Update field”

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