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Hidden trick to quickly move rows of Ms Word Table

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Word shortcut to move row up and down

Let’s say while finalizing table you need to re-order row (or rows) of Word Table by moving it up or down. Ms Word provides a hidden shortcut (one of my favourites from all table tricks) to quickly move one or multiple rows up and down the table with a keyboard.

Steps to move row (or rows) up and down

  1. Position the cursor in the row you want to move or select the row (or rows) you want to move.
  2. Holding down the “Shift & Alt” keys, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow to move the row up or down, respectively.

Note: The movement of rows doesn’t stop as you reach the top or bottom of the table. The rows continue to move away from the table in the direction you choose as you keep hitting the above shortcut. This shortcut doesn’t work for moving the columns i.e. “Shift+Alt+Up Arrow/ Down Arrow” will not move the column left or right.

Video showing the above method in action

Shortcut to move rows and columns of Ms Word Table

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