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How to add a footnote in Ms Word and its shortcut (Mac, Windows & Web)

How to insert footnote in Ms Word

Footnote & endnote provides a feature to add comment, reference or additional description for the text in the document. It appears as a numbered subscript on the referred text and the detailed comment/description appears at the bottom of the page (footnote) or at the end of the document or section (endnote). Adding footnote and endnote in Ms Word is easy.

Adding footnote in Ms Word

Steps to insert footnote to the text in Ms Word (Mac, Windows & Web) are:

  1. Select the text or place the cursor at the location where you want a footnote
  2. In Ms Word for
    • Ms Word for web: Go to Insert Tab, select Insert Footnote.
    • Mac & Windows: Go to Reference Tab, select Insert Footnote.
      insert footnote in Word
  3. Type the footnote text

Ms Word shortcut to add footnote/endnote

Ms Word (Mac & PC) keyboard shortcut

To do thisWord for WindowsWord for Mac
Insert footnoteCtrl+Alt+FCommand+Option+F
Insert endnoteCtrl+Alt+ECommand+Option+E
Ms Word keyboard shortcut to insert footnote and endnote

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