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How to repeat footnote in Ms Word | Refer same footnote twice in Word

Repeat footnote in Ms Word

Let’s say you have a footnote in your Ms Word document and you want to refer it again. If you need to know how to add footnotes, please visit my earlier blog. To repeat footnote in Ms Word, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the cursor at the end to text you want to refer in Footnote again.
  2. Go to Insert Tab and select “Cross-reference”.
    insert cross reference
  3. In the Cross-reference window, from “Reference type” select Footnote & from “Insert reference to” select Footnote number (formatted) or Footnote number. The former option will put the Footnote number in the superscript, while the latter will simply put the Footnote number as it is.
    refer same footnote
  4. Select the footnote that you want to refer from “For which footnote”.
  5. Click Insert.

Using the above method, you can refer to any footnote twice or more in Ms Word.

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