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How to right align page numbers in table of contents of Ms Word [2021]

Right align page numbers in TOC [Ms Word]

Ms Word has a wonderful feature that enables you to create a table of contents (TOC) with page numbers in 1 click. In TOC It is desirable to left align contents and right align page numbers However, sometimes (especially while making custom TOC) page numbers of TOC sits next to the heading/contents and you need to right align page numbers as shown below. The following steps will help you achieve it.

Misaligned page numbers in TOC and how to align it
Misaligned page numbers in TOC

Steps (along with animation) to align page numbers of TOC

  1. Click anywhere on the TOC
  2. Go to References Tab > Table of Contents and click “Custom table of contents” to open Table of Contents window
Step 2 to align page number in TOC
Step 2: Align page numbers to right
  1. Check box against “Right align page numbers”. You can also select tab leader if you need or else select none.
Step 3: Right align page numbers
  1. Click ok to close the window and apply setting
  2. Click Ok on the Ms Word prompt that asks “Replace this table of contents?” to apply

1 thought on “How to right align page numbers in table of contents of Ms Word [2021]”

  1. Through trial and error, I found this process only apparently works if you have already set up a heading style – which the document shown in the animation has already done. You need to explain how to do that, before you can do THIS. Otherwise you will get a message that says “No heading style detected” or something like that. I’m still trying to get my TOC aligned…………..smh.

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