Trick to keep entire table on one page in Ms Word

Table provides a compact way to organize and show data that are difficult to be shown in text. For, better readability experience especially on printed document, it’s better to keep table on one page. In Ms Word, you can use the following trick to keep table from splitting into multiple pages.

Steps to force Ms Word to keep table on one page

Step 1: Select the entire table. (Quick tip: You can click on the table handle which appears on top left corner of the table to select the entire table)

Step 2: In Home tab open paragraph settings by clicking on the arrow icon at bottom right corner of paragraph group (see below image)

Open paragraph settings

Step 3: In opened Paragraph window, go to “Line and Page Break” Tab and check “Keep with next”

Settings to keep table on one page
Settings to keep table on one page

Step 4: Click Ok to apply the setting that keeps table on one page.

Video Tutorial

The video showing the above entire process in action is as follows

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