6 thoughts on “Tick Symbol in Word (🗸 & ☑ ): 4 different ways

  1. Autocorrect method does not work with WORD in Office 2016. I wanted the nice, curved tick mark you show above, I found it in wingdings, then typed in various codes of my own in autocorrect but nothing happens with any of them.

    1. Currently I am using office 365 and it works fine. However, a year before I used Office 2016 and it worked the same. Autocorrect is just a shortcut, it should insert the same tick as you do it manually. One thing I would like to say is tick mark appears different for different font. Just check the font of curvy tick mark and the one you get it using the autocorrect method is same.

  2. The above didn’t work for Microsoft Word for Mac, Ver 16.53 on 365 subscription.
    While trialing different things, I accidentally found ALT + v (option button and v) gives you the tick mark !

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