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Windows keyboard shortcut keys to automate boring task for free

Automate boring task in Windows

Many of us use Windows machine regularly. However, some day or the other a thought comes to our mind “What if I could automate this task ?” or “What is shortcut for doing this task ?”. This blog is exactly about how to automate any task in windows. Here we will show you some of the stunning Windows hacks that will blow your mind.

Windows keyboards shortcut keys that saves your time and effort

I am not talking about Function key shortcut, Widnows keys shortcut or any other shortcut that windows provides.. I am talking about some other shortcut by which you can virtually do any thing. We are in 2019, and automation has reached to another level. This is not the time to Google shortcut for doing some thing, rather it is time to create your own shortcuts.

I am not talking some thing that is only for experts in computer can do. Every body can do this and its really simple. Autohotkey is simple, free and easy to use software. You can download it from here. To automate tasks you need to simple scripts. Don’t worry, for that you need not have any programming background. Its simple and easy. I will tell you how automate tasks. After reading this blog or watching the video below, you can start right away to automate simple as well as some complicated tasks.

Top Windows hacks that will blow your mind: Automate any tasks in Windows using Autohotkey

By using this method you should be able to automate any of your boring tasks. Tasks that you can automate could be as simple as opening your favorite application to some little complicated tasks like assigning new function to rarely used keys like configuring Insert key as search in google key to more sophisticated task like enabling multiple clipboard where you can copy multiple items in your temporary memory for pasting it later. The limit for automation and creation of shortcut is limitless.

You just has Autohotkey is free, light and opensource software that you can use to automate any task. Tons of autohotkey tutorial are available online. Following are some of the examples of windows keyboard shortcut keys . These keyboard shortcuts keys are just some of the examples, possibility of making shortcut is limitless.

  1. Autocorrect any text anywhere in windows (like Ms Word has builtin feature) like, knwo automatically corrects to know teh automatically corrects to the And you can make autocorrect of virtually any thing and on typing wrong spelling, it will automatically correct
  2. Open program using keyboard shortcut like Opening chrome using Win+C, Opening Notepad++ using Win+N and so on
  3. You use abbreviation as shortcut to for long text anywhere in windows. For e.g. u can automatically become you hbd can automatically become Happy Birthday (very useful while wishing on Social media) ilu can automatically be come I Love you (very useful while chatting with girlfriend from Windows PC, And you can make shortform of virtually any thing and on typing shortform, it will automatically expand
  4. You can send combination of key stroke in predetermined order to windows using keyboard short. I used it for typing latex in WordPress blog where I needed to insert all latex equation in tag.
  5. You can configure keys to search selected text in google, Wikipedia etc. For this I just have to select particular word and press Win+G (configurable) to search selected word in google Win+ W (Configurable) to search selected text in Wikipedia You can do the same thing for any searching any text in any website from any windows application.
  6. You can use autohotkey to reassign any key in keyboard. My control keys is having problem, so am using Alt key for control and disabled control key. I I have assigned rarely used keyboard keys like Insert as Google search key, this means, selecting any text and pressing Insert key will search selected text in google. I can toggle (minimize/maximize) Chrome (or any application) using keyboard. I know Win+Tab (or Alt+Tab) can do similar but, i will roll over all the opened windows not just chrome.
  7. You can write a script or macro using Autohotkey to work all across windows like we use Macro in MS Word. Example to save screen shot automatically into image. This involves take screen shot (print screen), opening Paint, pasting image and saving image in folder. I have automated all this tasks using one keyboard stroke.
  8. Multiple clipboard in Windows (Multiple clipboard using free software autohotkey), By default Windows has only one clipboard (to save what is copied) but using Autohotkey you can configured windows to save 4 different things at a time in temporary memory It can to lot more, above example are just the simple ones that you can start. To see all this in action and how to automate simple things using autohotkey just see video that I have made on automating all the above things.
Copy Paste Multiple items at once in Windows using Autohotkey


Autohotkey is free, opensource and light software that can be used by any one experience computer geeks or some one who is not conversant with computers. Autohotkey provides range of ways to automate simple as well as complicated tasks and possibility of making shortcut if virtually limitless.

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