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How to continue page number after section break

Many Ms Word document use section break to divide a document into distinct segments, each with its own formatting settings. However, it may create discontinuity with Page numbers before the section break. This blog shows you simple steps to continue page number after section break along with video demonstration.

Steps to continue page number

  1. Place your cursor after the section break.
  2. Go to the “Insert” tab and Click on “Header” or “Footer” (where you need to add page number) and select “Page Number”.
    edit header or footer
  3. Above step should open “Header & Footer” tab.
  4. Click “Page Number” and select “Format Page Numbers…” from the dropdown menu.
    format page number settings
  5. In the “Page Number Format” window, select “continue from previous section” and click ok.
    continuous page number after section break

Above steps will link page number of present section with the earlier section.

Video demonstration

Below video demonstrating showing how to continue page number after section break.

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